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Residential Value Analysis
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Fiscus helps you quickly answer the question,
"what is this property worth?"
without having to be a numbers wizard.

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Fiscus helps you visualize property value over time by automatically pulling dozens of data points for a property, dropping them into an easy-to-use worksheet, and estimating value based on current and historical market conditions.

Data-driven Decision Making

Fiscus takes the guesswork out of value determinations by using real-time data analytics to help you make more informed decisions.


Properties means we have the property you're looking for.


Tax Assessor Data from all counties and parishes in the United States.


Data Fields per property for accurate modeling.

For Buyers & Sellers

Remove the Guesswork

Get the information you need to value a property by comparing it to similar properties in the area, current and historical market trends, sales comps, nearby points of interest and more.

For Investors

Rapid ROI Calculation

Quickly generate a property worksheet with anticipated Expenses, Taxes, Debt Service Calculations, Net Operating Income, Cash Flow and more automatically populated.

Easy Model Tuning

Simply modify dozens of values and see your model update in real-time.

Usage-based Pricing

Only pay for what you use. Pause and re-activate at any time.





+ $0.25 per worksheet generated

  • Unlimited Worksheet Storage
  • Unlimited Property Searches
  • Unlimited Worksheet Updates
  • Auto Property Data Population
  • Auto Flood Hazard Lookup
  • High/Medium/Low Area Comps
  • High/Medium/Low Area Rent Values

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